1PaintYou was founded through the service of providing unique, quality and creative handmade paintings for customers from various backgrounds or purpose.

Whether it be for a home-setting, or your office, 1PaintYou adapts to it’s customer’s needs. Adding a little personality to your home or office can make all the difference in comfort, sales, and standing out from the competition. 1PaintYou also specializes in the creation of art-work for your loved ones or friends, so don’t hesitate to customize your request so that we can show you our various types of art.

Since 2012, 1PaintYou has employed experienced, reliable, and knowledgeable oil-painters to create custom portraits – including those based on real photos. 1PaintYou specializes in spreading the unique, imaginative beauty of art-works to customers of all types, throughout the world. We pride ourselves on not only quality, but also affordable art-work.

We value each and every one of our customers, and hold a strong sense of pride, integrity, and sense of worth for each and every piece of art produced.

To really enhance the quality of art and services rendered, we offer previews and review-services so that each and every one of our customer is guaranteed satisfied, before purchasing and receiving their finished art.

We don’t treat our customers like numbers here at 1PaintYou. In fact, at 1PaintYou we treat each and every customer like family – and we value creating potential long-term relationships with our customers. The services we provide and the art we produce is the kind that keeps customers coming back for more – and recommending us to their family and friends!

From pre-order questions or concerns, to post-receipt of art-products, we always stand behind our product with a guarantee. Our artwork is designed to last you, your loved ones, and even those within your office a lifetime.

Using the most reliable, durable and quality materials ensures that each piece of art produced is of the utmost satisfactory nature, and that it will not break, fade away, or wear in an otherwise unnatural or undesirable manner.

Serving over 20,000 customers throughout the United States all the way to Europe, we’re confident that we’ll have just the design and creation to match all your desires and needs!

Give 1PaintYou a shot today, and learn why customers have come back time and time again, and remained loyal to our artwork productions service for years to-date.

Treat yourself, your loved ones, or friends to a special piece of artwork to demonstrate your pride, love, or friendship for a lifetime.


The 1PaintYouTeam